Sunday, March 13, 2016

What Lies Beneath 2016 Exhibition

Yes, that is right - we're organising another 'What Lies Beneath' exhibition. This time it features NZ children's war books only.

The following authors and illustrators and their books in this exhibition are:

  1. Glyn Harper and Jennifer Cooper 'Gladys goes to war'
  2. Maria Gill and Marco Ivancic 'Anzac Heroes'
  3. Diana Menefy 'Wounds of War'
  4. Anna Mackenzie 'Evie's War'
  5. David Hill 'Enemy Camp'
  6. David Hill and Fifi Colston 'The Red Poppy'
  7. Philippa Werry 'Armistice Day'
  8. Peter Millett 'The Anzac Puppy'
  9. Jennifer Beck and Robyn Belton 'The bantam and the soldier'
  10. Melinda Szymanik 'A winter's day in 1939'

 More information coming soon!

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